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Our marketing is designed to attract the greatest number of enquiries. In addition to traditional promotion means we place great emphasis on utilization of the Internet and other technological advances.

We can expose your property to the widest possible number of prospective tenants by

  • Tenant Database
  • Sydney Metropolitan Newspapers
  • Local newspapers
  • The Internet
  • Property signage
  • Re-location Companies
  • Open Houses

Tenant Selection

We aim to get the best possible tenant for your property by following these general guidelines:

  • Stability in employment
  • Satisfaction that the tenant is financially capable of paying the required rent
  • Verifying that the tenant will maintain your property to the standard required

Agreement Preperation

Once the tenant has been approved for your property, we will arrange the signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement in our office and the lodgement of the Rental Bond.  The tenant then has to sign for a full set of keys.

All documentation is carefully checked for accuracy to ensure the owner’s legal rights are protected.

Initial Inspection

Prior to the signing of a Residential Tenancy Agreement, we will carry out a detailed condition report in line with the REI standards. So there can be no disagreement on the state of the property at the time that the tenancy commences.

Regular Inspection

Each time your property is inspected it is automatically diarised for the next inspection. Following a periodic inspection, we forward you a written report detailing the condition of your recommended property routine maintenance or optional work such as repainting or carpeting.

Final Inspection

Immediately after the tenant has vacated the property; we will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the refund of the tenant’s Rental Bond.

Prevacating Inspection

When the tenancy is to be terminated, by either party, Munro Ayres Pty Ltd will carry out a pre-vacating inspection of the property to:

Arrange suitable access arrangements with the outgoing tenant to show the property.  Re-assess the asking rent for the property.  Determine any renovation work necessary for the property.  Ensure that the tenant carries out any last minute cleaning and repairs to the property.

Strict Arrears Control

We review arrears twice per week to ensure that the tenants who fail to pay their rent on time, for whatever reason, are contacted on a timely basis. Those who do not respond to the reminders are served with a warning letter, explaining that if they fail to pay, or do not contact us to make arrangements to pay, they will be served with a Termination Notice which gives them fourteen days to vacate.

Repairs & Maintenance

We monitor repairs very closely. We act on repairs according to your instructions in the Management Agency Agreement. Repairs carried out on your behalf are paid for from the rent monies held in Trust. Full details of the repairs are printed on your monthly Rent Statements with a copy of the relevant invoices attached for your reference.

Rental Reviews

We regularly assess the rental on your property taking into account factors such as current market rents of similar properties, the vacancy factor in the area, the general condition of the property, and the quality of the tenant and the length of the tenancy.

Accounting to you

Each month we prepare and forward you a detailed monthly Rent Statement for your property. The Statement details the rent period, the rent collected and any disbursements made on your behalf. Your rent monies can be electronically deposited into a nominated account or alternatively a cheque attached to your Statement.

Yearly Financial Statements

We produce an Annual Financial Statement during the month of July, which gives a summary of income and expenditure for the previous financial year. This will increase convenience in preparing your annual tax return.


Through our contact with executive re-location agents, and a database of prospective tenants, combined with our knowledge of the market, we aim to keep vacancies to a minimum. Our vacancy rate is constantly under the industry average.

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